My 15 Minute Daily ‘Pre-Hab’

REHAB…or what I like to call…PRE-HAB, IS SO IMPORTANT. Whether you’re an athlete, someone who just likes to move their feet, or someone who wants to take their exercise hobby to the next level, pre-hab exercises are absolutely crucial for avoiding injury and keeping your joints healthy. ESPECIALLY for runners. & I know it’s SUPER hard to keep up with it.

For years, when I first started becoming more serious about endurance athletics – especially in the world of triathlon, I was told by countless individuals about how necessary doing cross training, strength exercises, mobility and stretching on a DAILY basis will set me up for success. However, I didn’t listen. I have finally decided that prioritizing mobility and stretching – even if that means I have to cut a workout short, will set me up for much more success than skipping it all together.

Thankfully, one of the silver linings of this quarantine is that I am really able to prioritize my mobility and cross training. But I get it -it’s difficult, and I don’t think any of us are feeling particularly motivated at this point and time.

How do you have time to do the stretches and mobility exercises + cross train + work a full time job + meal prep + wake up to train…etc. There are simply not enough hours in the day, and I’m the first person to agree with you. However, this is more important than anything – and I find that if I dedicate an hour a week to some serious work on my body (I.e. foam roller, yoga, lacrosse ball, stretches) and then have a back of pocket 15 minute mobility / stretch routine – it does the job. I still should be making time for more, but it’s pretty hard to do it all. So, below, is what my daily mobility routine is for my lower body…I can thank Shane at @modernmonkeycrossfit for showing me a lot of these exercises and for teaching me the importance of prehab!