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Plant Based Spotlight: John Fischer

Today’s Plant Based Spotlight is one that hits close to my heart. My dad, who is a double agent as my superstar Dad & the founder/CEO of, found plant-based through severe mental and physical health problems, caused by years of disregarding the importance of health. My Dad was struggling with his health when he didn’t even know it. I remember looking at my Dad and asking him to change something. To pay attention to what he was eating, to workout more, to care just a little bit more about his personal health. It wasn’t until he had a scare that landed him in the hospital that inspired him to get on track. I am so happy that I could have helped inspire my dad to get his health under control – and I truly believe that his story is so similar to many others in todays work-centered culture. Meet John.

This year at Blue Lotus – Fully Plant Based

In early 2018 I had a “cardiac event” caused by being obese, an alcoholic and making bad lifestyle choices. For a period of two years before this event I had been exercising regularly with a personal trainer, Laura Rulon, but given my tendencies it was all she could do to keep my from completely self-destructing.

Me – Pre Weight Loss & going WFPB

“The cardiac event created a catalyst for change and I, in turn, began a slow and unintentional journey of reinvention that was aided by StickerGiant’s board of Directors insisting that I step down as owner/operator and take the role of CEO which at StickerGiant is more like a managing director. I hired a COO to run the company day to day and to build an A-List leadership team to take the company to new heights.

This left me searching for my new identity as my ego and self-worth was entirely wrapped up in the business. Now that I was no longer involved in the nitty gritty of the business this created a personal-crisis. I realized that I was unhealthy, overweight, and had so much to re-learn to find a path back to health.

Fortunately, my daughter Izzy was learning a ton about plant-based nutrition – and had to beg me to get on board. It was 2018, during the time that Izzy, a high achieving student, professional and athlete began working with Ray Cronise and Julieanna Hever to lose thirty pounds to improve her triathlon performance. Izzy invited her Mom and Dad; Xan and I to attend Blue Lotus for one week in January 2019 with Ray and Julieanna. Julieanna and Ray had a profound impact on my outlook, and I immediately switched to a plant based diet and sought professional medical advice on repairing my body from the damage caused by my habits. Overtime – with the help of a plant-based diet, exercise, and severe lifestyle change – I lost sixty pounds, my blood pressure – after years of health impacts, came down to a manageable level, and I stopped abusing alcohol.

The positive effects of a plant based diet, and good medical attention regarding dietary supplementation and therapy had restored my mental health to a point where the journey to make good lifestyle choices has come surprisingly easy. In early 2020 I returned to Blue Lotus with my personal trainer and life coach, Laura.

After spending a month at Blue Lotus, and transforming my life – while becoming incredibly dedicated to a plant-based diet, there is so much more I need to learn. However, I am incredibly thankful to my daughter, Ray, Julieanna, my team at Stickergiant, my wife, Laura, and Blue Lotus for helping me land in a healthy body and mind.

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