Covid-19 for the Competition Athlete

If you’re like me – you were super excited for this season. I, personally was coming off of a super intense off season where I dealt with a stress fracture and lot’s of wear and tear from a ridiculously long training stretch the season before. I had really big plans this year, and the time I had to take off a lot of awesome training time because of Covid-19 and the added injury. So, you could imagine my disappointment when the quarantine closures came full swing. If you’re also like me, you are not super motivated by the virtual race series. I’m not really sure why – but it just doesn’t seem as real. So, here’s what I am doing to mimic a real training “season” to set me up for an absolutely epic season next year, while still staying quarantined.

  • I’m still sticking to a training program. Why? What’s the point? I need a schedule. Working from home all day everyday is difficult to get myself to complete a workout. I no longer have the time to be at the office to be on my super early am workout schedule, I don’t have the gym to meet my training partners for accountability, and I don’t have the motivation when I’m stuck in a house all day. So – I’m training. At first, I wasn’t really training for anything. My coach and I agreed to just “Train to get in shape.” Well, that wasn’t working.
  • I made fake race days for myself to provide a perfect build program. Here is my schedule for my build if you are interested in crafting one for yourself;
    • Beginning of June sprint triathlon
    • Beginning of July Olympic triathlon
    • Mid July Triple Bypass ride in Vail
    • Mid August century ride – flat
    • End of August – Lake City 50 mountain bike course
  • I signed up for a late late fall race – in the hopes of it still going on for my A finale of the season. If it doesn’t go on? I plan to complete it anyways.
  • For swim endurance, I am doing lot’s of tricep, lats and back workouts. Here is an excellent video I’ve been using to keep my swim endurance up. Luckily – my parents have a pool that I am able to use since I am here for the time being, I’ve attached a swim tether to it but i’ve also heard of people going to fast moving streams and setting up rocks so they create there own swim and place system

The major tips – stay oriented with some sort of schedule. Training Peaks has awesome cheap plans to purchase to keep you on track, so do other apps like Zwift and Trainer Road. Create a fake schedule for yourself, or sign up for virtual races. Finding something that works for you is key. Good luck and let’s get our bodies moving!